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Rock Core Bit Conical Bullet Bit Drill Cone Bit

The wolf bullet teeth with alloy beans was primary designed for cutting the hard sand rock and other hard layers.Foundation piling contrator can use 24mm carbide or 22mm carbide according to the rock hardness on the jobsite.The wold drill bullet teeth could install on the drill bucket, rock bucket and core barrel, rock auger.
  • Wolf bullet teeth with alloy beans


Product Description

Rock Core Bit Conical Bullet Bit Drill Cone Bit

The drill cone bits use a shearing and compressive action to break and remove the rock from the formation. They are typically milled-toothed and are designed to drill rocks of various strengths.Tricone Drill cone bits are similar to tricone rotary drill bits. They are made to drill medium to hard rock formations. Their insert studs and nozzle inserts are meant to aid in the disintegration of the rock as it is thrust deeper into the ground.

Roller bit

      A drill cone bit is a type of tool used in drilling operations. It is a rotating cone shaped piece with teeth that are made of tungsten or hardened steel. This is a common type of bit in trenchless drilling operations.The drill cone bit is used to crush the rock formation and remove it from the rock face during the drilling process. In addition to crushing action, the bit may also be used to drill a hole.

drill cone bit

tricone drill bit

Roller bit

drill cone bit

Products Strength

Bullet teeth strength

  • High quality carbide steel material used for production.

  • Strong formation applicability and high performance.

  • Wide ranged bullet teeth for all kinds of stratum.

  • Strict producing process and quality inspection.

  • Fast delivery lead time.

  • Excellent after-sale service.

Wolf teeth

Wolf teeth 5




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