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Rock auger

Rock Augers are adaptable to drill in sand, gravel and weak to strong rock.

According to the different formation, BAORUI rock auger can be designed to be single cut or double cut. If you have deep foundation projects need to cut strong rock hardness from 50~100Mpa, the progressive rock auger will be your best choice.


Good continuity condition and no shape change should be considered for deep foundation.Baorui drilling rock auger always focus on the products’ quality, think highly of the borehole piling efficiency and construction method.

 We spare no effort to bring better using experience for every users.
Regarding to large diameter rock bucket,we even adding more manufacturing technique to avoiding the bottom basedrop and welding cracked.


Clay drilling rock bucket


BAORUI rock drilling bucket adopt teeth holder with tungsten to enhance the holder’s strength and wear resistance.

The rock bucket are available by assembling with flat tooth and bullet tooth.50mm thickness plate were used for both the rotate and fixed base providing a enough support.


The high- strength steel wear resistance box wrapped the rotate axis reduce the wear when piling , which ensuring the overall using life of the rock bucket.

Export customers
Core barrel
Users always focus on how height per hour the core barrel could drill, this is a critical question which proof a company manufacturing technology. First it was divide into core barrel with roller bits and core barrel with bullet tooth.
Core barrel with bullet teeth
Core barrels with bullet teeth are specially designed for fractured rock and hard rock with hardness less than 80 MPa. With over 10 years’ foundation piling method and drilling tools manufacturing experience.
BAORUI R&D team spend a great effort to design a high efficient angle and apply on the core barrel with bullet tooth.
The roller cone drill bit core barrel
The roller cone drill bit core barrel is mainly suitable for super-hard rocks above 80Mpa, such as lightly weathered or moderately weathered granite, gneiss, quartz stone, basalt, etc. Welding of the roller cone requires a very high precision angle so that each bit can be welded at the same height and the same cutting groove.
A little bit out or in of any one of the cones will bring different degrees of wear to the drill. For example, the drill cannot be rotated or some bits are severely worn, but some remain in good condition. The most serious one is the piling that affects the foundation drilling project’s effectiveness.



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