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Excavator Roller Drill Cone Bit

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Roller bit is a kind of drilling bit used to bore rock formation when the rock hardness exceeds 100MP. It has a conical head attached to a cylindrical bit body.Roller bit uses high strength alloy teeth. This allows the tool to handle very hard formations.It also helps extend the life of the core barrel tools.

       The roller bit is designed with two different types of cone. One is a single cone and the other is a double cone. The shape of the teeth varies according to the type of the rock.For hard and medium formations, a short, closely spaced teeth are the best. However, in soft formations, an oblique wedge-shaped tooth is used.

       The roller bit is a type of drill bit that crushes rock formations . They have been designed to cut different types of rocks, such as mineral rock and semi-abrasive formations.

       Depending on the application, the rotation speed of the bit can be adjusted. Hardness of the teeth and quality of bearings and seals also determine the life of the roller bit. When used in a high temperature environment, the hardness of the teeth and the quality of the bearings and seals can significantly reduce the lifetime of the bit.

       In the geothermal industry,roller bits are usually used with tungsten carbide inserts. These inserts provide the highest penetration rates in soft formations. However, roller bits with steel teeth suffer a significant decrease in hardness at high temperatures.

       Roller bits are widely used in drilling and deep foundation piles. The core barrel with roller bits can cut off the hard rock stratum, cooperate with the corresponding drilling tools to extract the rock, and then pour reinforced concrete to form a pile foundation that meets the requirements.

       The roller bit is specially designed for medium-hard formations. It can provide a more stable rotation rate for rotary drilling rigs, improve the efficiency of cutting rocks, and reduce the time of forming holes.

       Roller drill bit can be made of high speed steel or a tungsten carbide composite. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials. High tensile strength and compressive strength makes it very useful for bit cutting rocks.

       If you don’t know how to choose the drill cone bit , welcome consult and we will offer one-stop service solution for you.

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