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Go abroad and Ingenuity - Jiangmen Baorui drilling tools are delivered to abroad flourishingly

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Go abroad and Ingenuity

Jiangmen Baorui drilling tools are delivered to abroad flourishingly

Jiangmen Baorui Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive production company engaging in providing professional foundation engineering construction equipment supporting product design, research and development, production, sales, import and export trade and services and providing construction work for rotary piling specialization.

The products sell well all over the country and are exported to many countries and regions such as the United States, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Georgia, etc.and are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers. It serves XCMG, Sany, Jintai, Yutong, Zoomlion, Sunward, Germany Bauer, Italy Soilmec and other host end users and manufacturers.

Global Cover: No matter which country you come from , We provide rotary drilling rig bits, kelly bars, casings, drill teeth, holders, roller bits, used equipment according to your requirement .From Asia to Europe、North America to South America, Jiangmen Baorui’s rotary drilling tools promote to open and lead to the trade routes all over the world. Reliable trade partners are the sucessful cornerstones.We will offer the optimal resource for you.

With the deepening development of globalization, Our products had already dissatisfied with domestic market, but chasing enormous dreams, stepping on a journey to the world. Today, we announce again, abundant of rotary drilling tools will be delivered to abroad. To serve users with exquisite technology and excellent quality.

Exporting to Southeast Asia and Middle East

Jiangmen Baorui

Jiangmen Baorui

Superior Service: It’s critical important business that we acquaint with products security and delivered on time. Our products are packed strictly as well as cooperated with awesome shipping company. To make sure the products transport in the security environment.Offering the intimate service from our professional teams. Following the products transportation and communicating with you on time.

We always insist on concept for higher quality and innovation-oriented, constantly research exquisite quality product which are suitable for international market. Whether it is from designing、choosing material as well as production process, all of them are strictly selected and controlled, to sure each process and product are both reach to the international standard.

Exporting to Middle East

Jiangmen Baorui

Exporting to Malaya

Jiangmen Baorui

Exporting to South region of North America

Jiangmen Baorui

Our colleagues inspected and packed sequentially in the workshop. The drilling tools are ready to load into container

Jiangmen Baorui


Jiangmen Baorui

Jiangmen Baorui

As the delivery, Not only recognize our quality but also comfirm to our factory strength. We deepening know that products not only commercial behavior but also cultural exchange. Through our products, boost Chinese culture、history、wisdom, different culture to understanding and respect for each other.

We continue to open the concept with promotion、cooperation、win-win situation to positively explore the international market, to sharing our ingenuity products.

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