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Tricone Bit Roller Bit Single Cone Drilling Roller Palm Piece

A good quality roller bit are made from high quality tungsten and good bearing system. Baorui roller bits are manufactured by the high quality 100% new hard carbide, the roller bits could be installed on the core barrel to drill the hard rock which over 80 Mpa.
  • IADC 637


Product Description

Tricone Bit Roller Bit Single Cone Drilling Roller Palm Piece

     Tricone drill bits are designed to withstand higher temperatures and are ideal for drilling hard rock formations. They have smaller, shorter teeth than other types of drill bits. During the process of drilling, the rotating cones on the head abrade the rock. The space between the tricone drill bit teeth, however, is governed by the angle of the rock. It's important to determine the angle of the rock to choose the correct bit.

tricone drill bit

    There are many variations of tricone drill bit. Some are hammer-shaped, and others are shaped more like an "A" with shorter teeth. Each of these is designed for a specific type of rock. In addition to the surface treatment (black oxide), a bright finish is designed to increase chip flow. This provides greater wear resistance and increases the effectiveness of the bit.

    The most common type of tricone drill bit is the roller-cone bit. These are versatile tools that are easy to maintain. Roller cones are mounted on bearings and can be divided into a single bit or into an assembled multi-cone bit.A tricone bit is best suited for drilling most types of rock. The spacing of the teeth allows for the cleaning of the formation.

Roller bit

tricone drill bit

Roller bit

drill cone bit

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