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Foundation Constrution Interlock Kelly Bar for Drilling Rigs

The drill Kellybar we manufacture have the advantages of light weight, high strength, high wear resistance and reliable quality.The design of the kelly bar was adopted the advanced technology and innovate according to the actual construction conditions we experienced.
 The alloy tube used on the kelly bar was inported from Germany, with all sizes available for all kinds of drilling rigs.The kelly bar had been supplied to all kinds of rigs brands of such as Bauer, Soilmec,XCMG,Sany,Zoomlion ,Sunward,Jintai,IMT,Casagrande and so on.
Product Description

Foundation constrution interlock kelly bar for drilling rigs

                                                    Common Model of the kelly bar                               Unit :mm
 O.D mm No. of sections L(m) Types Nominal drilling Depth(m)  Drilling rigs matched with
630 3,4,5,6 10~15 Interlock,Friction 36~143 Sany,XCMG,Yutong,CRRC 
575 4,5,6 10~22 Interlock,Friction 36~122 XCMG,CRRC
559 3,4,5,6 10~20 Interlock,Friction 36~110 Bauer,Soilmec,Casagrande
540 3,4,5,6 10~20 Interlock,Friction 36~110 Jintai
530 3,4,5,6 10~20 Interlock,Friction 36~110 XCMG,CRRC,Zoomlion
508 3,4,5,6 10~17 Interlock,Friction 36~110 Casagrande.XCMG,CRRC,Yutong,Sany
470 3,4,5,6 10~17 Interlock,Friction 36~94 Bauer,Casagrande,XCMG,Yutong,CRRC
440 3,4,5,6 10~17 Interlock,Friction 36~94 Mait HR200,R180.Sunward,Yutong
427(419) 4,5,6 10~15 Interlock,Friction 36~85 CMV,IMT,Casagrande,XCMG
406(394) 4,5 10~17 Interlock,Friction 36~79
377(368) 4,5 10~14 Interlock,Friction 36~65 Bauer,Mait,XCMG,CRRC
355 4,5 10~13 Interlock,Friction 36~60 CMV,Soilmec
340 4 10~13 Interlock,Friction 36~48 Bauer
299 4 10~13 Interlock,Friction 36~48 Bauer,Soilmec,Sunward

Interlock Kelly bar

/kelly bar drill rig

kelly bar drill rig

Interlock Kelly bar

Friction kelly bar

Our advantages
  • All kelly bars manufacturered with Six-Ribs structure, increase the using life and durability.

  • Seamless high quality steel ,ensuring the size accuracy with less tolerance, good welding on improving the wear resistance, reducing the issue rate and maintenance cost.

  • Advanced manufacturing equipment and producing tochnology ensuring the kelly bar finnally match to the standard of light weight, goog straight and high strength.

  • Completed varieties of interlock and friction to choose from.The Kelly bar are all used with full torque and the maximum drilling depth can reach to 140 meters.

Products Details

Interlock Kelly bar

Friction kelly bar for foundation piling

Drill kelly bar

Kelly drill bar

Kelly bar


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