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BAORUI tools work high performance on deep Bridge project

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BAORUI tools work high performance on Xijiang Bridge project

The Fulong Xijiang Bridge is the bridge with the largest span in Foshan City, which is technically difficult with complicated formation to construct.

According to customers' experience, for "Supper-deep ,Supper-large and Super-toughest "bridge piles , the tools have to be strength and solid enough and at the same time would not influence the piling efficiency   

Baorui core barrel   Core barrel with roller bits

This time our customer got the tender of Xijiang Bridge project and he still chose Baorui tools with drill rigs of Jint 46 and Jint 50.

drilling tools for Jintai    Core barrel with roller bit

The core rock of 1600x2800mm was picked up directly from 102 meters under the ground.Pile diameter of 1600 and 2000mm lightly weathered granite.

The Foshan Xijiang Bridge Project is the core project of the west extension construction strategy of the First Ring Road in Foshan. 

It is also the third "East Exit" passage across the Xijiang River in Gaoming City after the Gaoming Bridge and the Guangming Expressway Fuwan Bridge. 

The project quickly connects Gaoming District with the central urban areas of Foshan and Shanshui, and plays an important role in the development of the Pearl River Delta Area.

Core barrel with roller bits



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