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A Rock Bucket Is a Versatile Attachment

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        A rock bucket is a great tool for loading rocks, sifting debris, or moving materials. It features a quick-attach system and is black powder coated for durability. A rock bucket will also separate rocks and other debris into smaller, manageable chunks. If you're a landscaper, contractor, or homeowner with an acreage, you'll appreciate the versatility this attachment offers.

       A rock bucket is an ideal front-end attachment for excavators and tractors. Its patented design allows it to pick up rocks up to three inches in diameter while minimizing ground disturbance. Its teeth are spaced three inches apart, which helps reduce the chances of rocks getting stuck in between the tines. Its 1/2" hardened cutting edge is the strongest in the market and provides optimum strength when lifting heavy loads.

       A rock bucket is the perfect tool to sift soil. This is especially useful when digging for boulders or other bulky materials. The Skeleton Rock Bucket is made of grade 50 steel, making it sturdy for digging and hauling.

       A rock bucket can also be used for construction projects. Contractors often use rock buckets for land clearing, material handling, and site preparation. These tools make it easy for contractors to move large rocks, soil, and other materials. They are also used in hobby farms and ranching operations for field clearing and expansion.

      Another great use for a cleaning bucket is for cleaning ditches and drains. This attachment can be mounted on a compact tractor, and comes with an abrasion-resistant double bottom to protect your bucket. It also has a handle and pulley that makes it easy to move from job site to site.

      A drilled well bucket consists of a cylindrical body and conical corrugated end portions. Each conical portion has an annular groove and metal reinforcing rings that are seated within them and project out from the bucket's periphery. These rings are necessary to prevent the bucket from falling from the well.

      A drilled well bucket is a great way to collect water from a secondary well without a pump. These buckets are inexpensive insurance and are ideal for short-term water needs. Oftentimes, the bottom part of a well is unserviceable, so a bucket will be the perfect solution.

      Once the drilled well is complete, a bucket valve can be installed to provide water flow. A bucket valve consists of a threaded pipe adapter that fits into the end cap. Before attaching the bucket valve, make sure that the flapper is oriented correctly. The flapper should hold water when raised.

      Traditionally, well buckets were hand-dug. While modern equipment allows for a smaller diameter hole, a long, skinny bucket is still needed to fit inside the casing. You can still find these buckets in antique stores and on porches.

      Drilled wells are often thousands of feet deep. Since drilled wells are deeper, the risks of contamination are lower. Because of this, they typically use continuous casing.


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