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Types of Core Barrels Barrel Drilling

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Core barrels are typically made from heavy-duty materials. Their strength is sufficient to penetrate tough rock formations. They have replaceable tungsten drilling picks that are positioned to maximize penetration of hard formation rock.Core barrels can be equipped with different types of round shank chisels. They can also be equipped with roller bits. Roller bits are used in extremely strong rock formations. Typical core barrel vibration amplitudes are 0.2 mm.

Core barrels are available in a wide variety of diameters.Core barrels can be used to drill through fractured medium, up to hard rock formations. In order to enhance the torque of the cutting ring, core barrels can be equipped with roller bits or round shank chisels.The sludge material collected during coring is used to study the mineral assemblage. A hidden core catcher also allows for a larger core diameter.

Typically used in hard rock drilling conditions, the core barrel has many useful features.All are designed for different types of drilling operations.The core barrel also transmits the weight of the core to the reactor vessel. There are different types of core barrels, depending on the Client's needs. The core barrel has a heightening design and spiral wear-resistant strips to improve drilling efficiency. It is also available with bullet teeth and roller bits.

The overall structure of the barrel drilling is relatively simple compared to other drill tools, but some details and design will have a direct impact on the drilling efficiency.Core barrel double shells specially are used  drilling for deep, large and toughest pile.Inner core barrel drilling  first and work as a centerizer .The outer core barrel drilling and reaming.Ensuring the verticality of the pile.

A barrel drilling machine consists of a longitudinally movable drill-holding bar and a revolvably mounted longitudinal spindle inline with the drill. The spindle carries a small bushing, which is then turned to drill the holes.

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