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The piling method for segmental casing on the deep foundation borehole piles

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Segmental casing for foundation construction drilling Chinese reliable manufacturer

Segmental casing is widely used on foundation drilling to reach the verticality and prevent the pipes from collapse on loose soil condition.The casings give a temporary or permanent support while drilling in the hole with drilling tools according the projects' construction requirement.

It could be installed by casing ascillator or drill with the rigs directly. Customer decide to choose single-walled casing or double-walled casing as per piling method required.

Casing pipe

Almost all manufacturers advert providing good quality casing but how much do you know how to distinguish a reliable supplier for the casing?


Good raw material used is the based but critical for the casing.It determines the drilling life,  wear resistance,pressure bearing during the piling process. Baorui tools is always strict with the material using and Q355B is our first choose on the segmental casing. The joints of male/female with screws & keys made from CrMo25 with forging workmanship. Comparing with rolled welding, the forging workmanship for the joint is much high level in quality and using.This is one of the reason why cost of forging joints would high little bit than rolled welding joints.

Quality controlled system.

Our factory had been passed through the vitified of ISO 9001.Workers wear safety helmet and mask during the operating process.Each procedure finished will be inspected by workers before they begin the next step.Workers work with each other to keep the product without flaws in every production process.

Submerged arc welding method

Submerged arc welding is a automatic welding method for drilling segmental casing. Its inherent advantages of stable welding quality, high welding productivity, arc less light and little smoke make it the main welding method in the production of steel structures in pressure vessels, segmental casing manufacturing, box beams and columns and other important structures.



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