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The Advantages of Using a Rock Auger

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A Rock auger is an attachment for a drill that utilises a rotating pick tooth to maximize penetrative capacity. Using this unique design, rock augers are capable of drilling through ground that would otherwise be inaccessible to a standard auger. Typically made of high-grade steel, a rock auger has a diameter that varies according to the type of ground it is intended to work in.

A rock auger is a great choice for drilling rock at depths greater than 200mm. These units have hard carbide bullet-tooth blades and heavy-duty tubing. The ability to drill through hard rock requires the use of a personal protective device. Additionally, they require a safe distance from the rotating rock pick. If you are interested in renting a rock auger, contact a reliable source of earthmoving equipment, such as United Rentals.

These high-quality rock augers feature a unique patented design that will allow you to drill through solid rock. These augers are guaranteed to outdrill any other auger on the market. The photo below shows an example of one such auger. The actual product may vary slightly in size and appearance. You should consult product specifications for the right size for your needs. When purchasing a rock auger, make sure to choose one with a wide diameter to ensure maximum drilling capacity.

Another advantage of using an auger is its ease of use. Typically, the largest holes that can be drilled using a rock auger are more than eight inches in diameter, but a two-man auger will be sufficient for this task. For larger holes, you'll need to buy a crane-mounted or tow-behind auger. While most rock augers are used in industrial settings, they are also used in many personal endeavors, including planting crops, ice fishing, and extracting maple syrup.

A power earth auger is a handy tool that can be used by anyone for different purposes. Whether you are doing DIY landscaping, planting a garden, or digging a post hole, the auger will make the job easier. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, the auger will make your life easier and your garden more beautiful. The tools are affordable, and are a useful addition to any landscaping job. And with the proper knowledge, you can use a rock auger to dig deep holes.

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