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How to choose rotary drilling rig bits for rotary drilling rig bits

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How to choose rotary drilling rig bits for rotary drilling rig bits

With the rapid development of the rotary drilling industry, the demand for rotary drilling rigs is also increasing. The carbide bullet teeth are the most commonly used vulnerable parts of rotary drilling rigs, and the demand for rotary drilling bits are also increasing. Today, I will share with you how to choose a rotary drilling tool!

As the saying goes: "If you want to attack something first, you must sharpen your weapon first ". The purchased rotary bits can effectively improve piling work efficiency, thereby earning greater profits for users. However, choosing a rotary drilling rig with poor quality cutting teeth will bring unnecessary economic losses and endless troubles. How to choose a good rock teeth is a skill that every foundation piling contractor must learn.

Bullet teeth

Do not buy picks with a lot of graphite impurities

Most of the rotary drilling bits do not meet the standards, the most important of which is that there are too many graphite impurities, and too much graphite impurities will cause the hardness of the pick to fail to meet the standard, resulting in fracture and breakage. In order to save costs, many users often do not pay attention to the selection of teeth for auger bits, so they will buy some poor quality rock teeth. These bullet teeth are often made by some unknown domestic manufacturers during the manufacturing process. The defective products produced contain a large amount of graphite impurities, and the grain distribution is not uniform, which leads to the insufficient hardness of the cutting teeth. In the actual use process, the cutting bits will generate a high stress state when it is used, and it will break when it encounters hard rocks and other objects.

High stress leads to chipping of picks

At present, most of the drill manufacturers use copper-zinc solder. The welding temperature of this material can generally reach more than 900 degrees, and the expansion coefficient between the metals is relatively large. Therefore, great tensile stress. In the process of using drilling bullet teeth, since the bits will generate high temperature, the tensile stress generated by these copper-zinc brazing filler metals will cause the teeth to be heavily loaded, some of which come from objects with strong hardness outside the teeth The other part is the tensile stress from itself, so it is easy to break the cutting teeth.

Learn about teeth's models

When choosing a teeth, we must pay attention to its model. Only the suitable model as the equipment needs can ensure the best efficiency work of the teeth. There are many types of drilling teeth, and you must understand the equipment requirements before selecting them, so as to avoid selected bits that do not meet the equipment usage standards.

Teeth's quality

Teeth quality is an important matter for selecting the bullet teeth.Precise coordination is required between the tooth holder and the pick to ensure that the teeth can rotate freely and flexibly in the corresponding tooth holder. The evenly distributed rotating wing grooves accelerate the rotation of the tooth body and avoid the part wear.

Rock drilling bits

Ultra-coarse-grained low-pressure sintered cemented carbide is used, and part of the pick is surfacing with a super-hard wear-resistant layer, which improves the wear resistance and impact toughness of the pick, and effectively avoids premature cracking of the cemented carbide. wear and tear, and the service life is greatly extended.

BAORUI drilling teeth is made of high-quality alloy structural steel 42CrMo with excellent forging performance. After strict heat treatment, the hidden dangers caused by temper brittleness are removed, and the fatigue strength and impact resistance of the tooth body are greatly improved.

The unique self-sharpening function ensures that the teeth are always sharp, thereby improving the construction efficiency.



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