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Fulled casing with drive pipe head foundation drilling rigs casing

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The casing is an important part of the borehole foundation piling, and it needs to be able to withstand the pressure and weight of the drilling rig. In order to ensure that the casing is strong and able to hold up under pressure, Usually made of strong steel with specially customized alloy joints.

casing the joint

1.How is fulled casing used in foundation drilling rigs?


In foundation drilling rigs, fulled casing is used to drill a hole in the ground. The casing is a metal pipe that is inserted into the hole to stabilize the sides of the hole and to prevent the ground from caving in. The fulled casing is a casing that has been filled with a material that is heavier than the material that surrounds it. This weight of the material helps to hold the casing in place and to keep the hole from caving in.


2. What are the benefits of using fulled casing in foundation drilling rigs?


There are several benefits of using fulled casing in foundation drilling rigs. Fulled casing is stronger than regular casing, and it can withstand greater pressure and wear and tear. Additionally, fulled casing is less likely to deform or break under stress, which makes it a more reliable option for foundation drilling.

casing a joint

Casing a joint is essential for geological structures with soft foundations and rich groundwater formations. If there is no casing to follow up the construction, the difficulty of construction will be doubled when encountering such a stratum structure, and the successful pile holes will be very easy to collapse and shrinkage, resulting in delays in the progress of infrastructure projects。

Sections of steel pipe, known as casing, are inserted into the well bore and cemented into place. This casing provides structural integrity and forms a barrier to prevent fluid migration between different geological formations.


The process of casing a joint involves the use of a casing adaptor. As the name suggests, a casing adaptor is a device that adapts one casing section to another, providing a secure connection and an effective seal. They are typically used to connect the casing to the wellhead, a critical junction where the surface infrastructure meets the well itself.Casing The Joint


Casing adaptors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to accommodate the myriad of well conditions and casing dimensions found in the field.

Therefore, the casing adaptors must have the following characteristics:

Simple and easy to operate: The installation of the casing joint is very simple, just put the two pipes into the casing, and then fix the casing with bolts.

Strong corrosion resistance: Casing joints are usually made of high corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, which can resist the erosion of many corrosive media and have a long service life.

High strength: The structure design of the casing joint is reasonable, the strength of the connection point is high, and it can withstand large pressure and tension.

Wide range of applications: Casing joints are suitable for various pipeline connections, including pipelines with different media such as water, gas, oil, and steam.

Easy maintenance: The disassembly and replacement of casing joints is very convenient, just remove the bolts, no special tools and techniques are required.

High reliability: the casing joint is firmly connected, not easy to loosen and leak, and the use is stable and reliable.

casing the joint

casing a joint

casing adapto



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