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Double barrel drillings of Rotary Rig

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Today, let's introduce the double barrel drillings.

As the name suggests, the double barrel drillings is connected by two barrel drills through an internal welding process to assist the verticality of the drilled hole. When we carry out pile foundation work, as the depth of the hole deepens and the diameter increases, it will gradually bring difficulty to our usual construction work. For example, if the depth exceeds 50 meters and the diameter is greater than 1.8 meters, the verticality of the pile foundation will be deflected. The engineer requires us to meet the verticality acceptance standard of the supervisory unit. At this time, a double-barreled drill is needed to help us achieve the task.


When constructing pile holes above 1.8 meters, we will use graded reaming construction. First, we will drill the 1.5-meter corebarrel drilling to the depth required by the design and construction, and then use a double barrel drillings with an inner tube of 1.5 meters and an outer tube of 1.8 meters. During the construction, the internal barrel drill plays the role of positioning the external diameter of 1.8 meters, so that the pile with an external diameter of 1.8 meters can maintain the verticality standard required by the technical requirements until the depth reaches the design target depth, which is convenient for Party A to complete the acceptance, saving construction time and Loss of cost.


The production process of the double barrel drillings  is more complicated, so the cost is more expensive than a single barrel drill. It is not only a combination of two barrel drills, but also some steel plate connected between the two barrels to support and reinforce the double barrel to ensure double During the construction of the barrel drill, the two barrels rotate synchronously.


The teeth of the double barrel drill can be designed into different types according to different strata. To deal with granite, it needs to be replaced with Roller Bits, and when it encounters limestone, it can be replaced with bullet teeths.


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