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Core Barrel : What You Need to Know

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A core barrel is an important tool used in the drilling of boreholes. It is made of manganese steel plates welded according to specific specifications, and the bottom is welded with different alloy gear seats according to different geological conditions, which is attached to a drill rod and inserted into the drill hole. The core barrel rotates, cutting through the rock or soilUse it with drill bucket to extract soil or gravel from pile holes. Core barrels are used in many different types of drilling operations, including geological and geotechnical investigations, oil and gas exploration, mineral exploration, and engineering applications.


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Core barrel is divided into core barrel with rotary bits and core barrel with rock teeth.Core barrel with rock teeth are generally used in soil and rock formations below 80Mpa, while core barrel with rotary bits are used in granite, basalt, and volcanic rock formations above 80Mpa.For users, they need to select the corresponding core barrel based on the geological survey report provided by the project, so as to save costs and improve efficiency.core barrel drilling


core barrel drilling

The tooth arrangement angle of the Core barrel is very critical. Scientific construction methods can reasonably reduce the resistance to penetration, reduce tooth wear and consumption, and extend the life of the teeth. For the same core barrel, the unreasonable gearing angle consumes twice as much energy as the scientific angle, and the footage speed is half as slow.Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right core barrel manufacturerA good supplier can reduce many problems for users.core barrel rock auger


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Core barrels are an essential tool for many types of drilling operations Due to the convenience  and firmness.It can quickly drill through soil and rocks to form holes, promote the development of pile foundation projects, and save a lot of time and cost for engineering projects. Moreover, when used together with core barrel of different specifications, pile holes with a diameter of more than 2000mm can be expanded in stages. Different core barrels are very convenient without spending extra manpower and the replacement of the teeth is also very convenient.


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