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Choosing the Right Auger Attachment For Your Backhoe !

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Rock auger are installed with hard carbide tungsten bit, which are primary design to drill the soil, weathered rock formation.The drilling rock auger would pipe much more efficiency with the high quality of the carbide bits. In the deep foundation drilling process,it normally drilling along with segmental casing in case of the pile hole from collapsing.Different size and design of the auger are demanded according to different pile project,like straight auger, conical auger.They can be sorted as below details.


1. Progressive auger is one kind of the conical augers.The cutting flight cut narrows progressively from middle part to the bottom, which play a great important to reduce drilling resistance during drilling process.Its available with single cut or double cut and applicable on cutting moderately strong to strong rock, like 50~100Mpa.Its located central pilot could prevent  piling side from happening with the conical structure to break out the rock.


rock auger 



2. Another type augers are designed straightly, which is better for carrying the soil.The double cutter auger is good at bearing uniform force and avoid inclined hole.The straight auger with double spiral is easy to carry out the soil but when meeting the clay formation,the single spiral work more excellent.


rock auger 

The drilling auger could be installed different kinds of the drill bits according to different stratum.Its wise choice to use straight auger with flat teeth(BFZ 80 or BFZ 70) on formation stiff to hard silt and clay,medium dense to dense sand, gravel.For dense sand and gravel, weak rock under 50 Mpa, we could use auger with bullet teeth with single or double cut.But if moderately strong to strong rock of 50~100Mpa, we may think of progressive auger with round shank chisel.


It would be a twice result with half of the effort when we choose the right auger on the formation.If you dont know how to choose the rock auger , welcome consult and we will offer one-stop service solution for you.



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