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Casing a joint fulled casing with drive pipe head foundation drilling rigs casing

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1. What is a fulled casing?


A fulled casing is a complete set of construction machinery equipment consisting of drive joints, casings, casing joints, pipe boots, and cutter teeth,It is an important accessory for the construction of rotary drilling rigs.


2. How is a fulled casing used in drilling?


Fulled casing is a liner system for piled pile hole. It is a larger diameter pipe used to protect the well wall from collapse and mud leakage.


The construction of full casing generally includes the following steps:


Drilling: Firstly, the drilling operation is carried out to drill the pile hole to the target formation.


Casing running: After drilling a section of the pile hole, the outer casing is lowered into the pile hole, and the casing is fixed to the well wall by cement slurry.


Drilling: Continue to drill to the next target formation, and then repeat the steps of casing running until the final target formation is drilled.


Well Completion: After casing running and well cementing, well completion operations are carried out, including installation of wellhead equipment, plugging of pile hole, etc.


The key to full casing construction is to ensure the tightness and stability between the casing and the well wall to prevent mud leakage and well wall collapse. At the same time, it is also necessary to select the appropriate casing size and cementing material according to the depth of the pile hole and formation conditions. During the construction process, the drilling speed and the injection pressure of cement slurry need to be strictly controlled to ensure the quality and integrity of the casing.casing the joint


3. What are the benefits of using a fulled casing?


Complex geological conditions: When the pile hole encounters complex formation conditions, such as easily collapsed formations, aquifers, high temperature and high pressure, etc., full casing can provide better support and protection for the pile hole wall, reducing the risk of pile hole collapse and mud leakage.


High-pressure wells: In high-pressure pile wells, full casing can withstand higher pressures, protect the integrity of the well wall, and prevent well wall rupture and leakage.


Horizontal wells and multi-stage horizontal wells: In horizontal wells and multi-stage horizontal wells, full casing can provide better pile hole stability and effectively prevent pile hole collapse and mud leakage.


High environmental protection requirements: In environmentally sensitive areas or areas where groundwater resources need to be protected, the full casing can reduce the risk of groundwater pollution and improve the environmental safety of the pile hole.

casing the joint

4. What should be paid attention to in the construction of a fulled casing?


Design and selection of casing size: Reasonably design and select the size of casing according to the depth of the pile hole, formation conditions and engineering requirements. The diameter and wall thickness of the casing should meet the needs of pile hole support and protection.


Preparation and injection of cement slurry: The preparation of cement slurry should comply with the relevant specifications. During the injection process, the injection speed and pressure should be controlled to ensure that the cement slurry can fully fill the gap between the casing and the well wall and form a good cementing quality.


Casing and fixing of casing: when casing is running, it is necessary to ensure that the verticality and position of the casing are accurate to prevent deflection or jamming. When fixing the casing, the quality and curing time of the cement slurry should be guaranteed to ensure the sealing and stability between the casing and the well wall.casing a joint


Quality control and inspection: During the full casing construction process, quality control and inspection are required, including casing quality inspection, cementing quality evaluation and testing, etc., to ensure that the construction quality meets the requirements.


Safety measures and risk management: Full casing construction involves risks such as high pressure and high temperature, and corresponding safety measures need to be taken, including safety training, use of protective equipment, and formulation of emergency plans, to ensure the safety of the construction process.


Construction planning and coordination: Full casing construction requires detailed construction planning and coordination, including connection with other processes, supply of materials and equipment, etc., to ensure construction progress and quality control.


In short, the construction of the full casing needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications and standards, focusing on quality control and safety management to ensure the construction quality and safety of the construction process. In the actual construction, it is necessary to adjust and respond flexibly according to the specific situation to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.


5. What are the disadvantages of using fulled casing construction?casing adaptor


Higher cost: Compared with other construction methods, the cost of full casing construction is relatively high. Full casing requires more materials and equipment, and the construction process is more complicated, resulting in increased construction costs.


Long construction period: Full casing construction requires multiple steps, including casing running, cement cementing, etc., and the construction period is long. This may prolong the project time and increase the risk of construction.


It is necessary to comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages of full-casing construction according to specific engineering requirements and conditions, weigh the pros and cons, and choose the most suitable construction method.

casing the joint

casing a joint

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