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BAORUI core barrels on Karst Cave project with Yutong YTR550H

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Have you ever met some borehole piling projects with complicated Karst cave formation and how is your construction solution on that situation?

The bridge project on Southwest in China, the piling deepest depth is more than 90 meters with multi-layers karst cave with YTR550 drilling rigs.This project fully reflects the complex formation condition of large,deep,tough on deep foundation piles.It's one of the typical projects for Karst cave formation.


Karst formation is very common in Southeast, Southwest areas of China.The layers are not very stable when there are many caves under the ground where the pile has to drill through.

For big karst cave, we have to fill with soil before drilling to avoid the collapse accident happens.Then continue drill with suitable tools, generally using drilling bucket, core barrels with bullet teeth for limestone.


Using suitable drilling tools is very important to solve karst cave piling diffifulty. Making sure the verticality is the one of the key.When drill into cave, it's empty and nothing to support under the group, the tools go out of the center line, the partical hole happens. In order to avoid the partical issue, our solution is lengthening the tools' length, strengthen the verticality.

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For karst cave formation piling method or solution, welcome contact and exchange experience if you have any difficulty. 



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